Here is a terrific video program that I did for Laser Ltd. out of Denver, Colorado. Joe Mercer, President of Laser, determined from national surveys that customers biggest complaints about buying cars are that salespeople don't know their products or how to sell them. Typically, salespeople are spending only 10 minutes on the car but an hour in the booth grinding out a "mini" when they should be spending an hour on the car and 10 minutes in the booth writing a three pounder.

   In THE MILLION DOLLAR WALK-AROUND, I greet customers, determine their needs, perform a dazzling walkaround and present some 99 features and benefits as well as incredible techniques that your salespeople have never even dreamed of! I demonstrate exactly how to have the car sold before the demo ride using "The 8-Keys to A Million-Dollar Walkaround".

   THE MILLION DOLLAR WALK-AROUND consists of 8 volumes totaling 4 hours of training and covers techniques used on new cars, used cars, and trucks. It comes with a laminated worksheet that can be photocopied for distribution to salespeople. The price of this series is only $995.00. Such a deal! It's the next best thing to my being there in person!