Quite frequently, I am asked if I provide managerial training. I do. But first I remind my clients that, although they don't like to hear it, managers are still salespeople, and need to be trained and retrained in the basics. As role models, they must learn how to reinforce, not short cut, proper sales procedures.

    THE MILLION-DOLLAR MANAGER is a 3-hour workshop that instructs Sales Managers and Closers in the techniques of "Salesman Management" rather than "Sales Management" - which is really nothing more than simple arithmetic.

     They learn:

  • Teamwork - Uniformity Of Procedure
  • Training - What, When And How
  • Assumption Of Responsibility
  • Unconditional Support Of Salespeople
  • Discipline Of Salespeople
  • Control Of Closes
  • Lot Orchestration
  • Turning
  • Shortstopping Walked Customers
  • Following Follow-Ups
  • Time Management
  • The Art Of The Low-Ball
  • And More. . .

   THE MILLION-DOLLAR MANAGER is highly effective in bridging salesman training with managerial expectation and reinforcement because managerial reinforcement is the key to successful sales training!