This workbook has been referred to, by so many, as the "Bible Of Automotive Negotiation". Intended originally as a set of companion notes to the MAGIC IN THE BOX workshop, it has become a sought after product in its own right. As such, I have received requests from all over the world for copies of it, independent of the seminar.

    Sales is half product and half acting. And so, "THE DEAL" is a 62-page illustrated dramatic script, complete with salesperson and customer dialogue as well as stage directions. It is a play in one act starring the salesperson, who avoids being up-staged by the customer by controlling the patter of conversation in the booth. By controlling the patter of conversation, he controls the customer. By controlling the customer, he controls the deal. By controlling the deal, he controls the profit. By controlling the profit, he controls his income. And, only by controlling his income, does he control his life. This is the message of "THE DEAL"!

    "THE DEAL" takes the salesperson from the point of bringing the customer into the showroom, through the complete negotiation process, to the point of getting the "commitment to buy now". It is illustrated step-by-step and gives the salesperson the exact words to say and the exact responses to expect from the customer. It makes that most awkward job for the salesperson, asking for the money, both easy and consistent. It removes the salesperson's fear of negotiation. It also contains a dandy section on leasing, which I refer to as "Deferred Purchase" as opposed to "Advance Purchase" (conventional sale).

    Oftentimes, I am told that "4-Square" is confrontational and rough on the customer. But when I am shown what the speaker of those words believes to be "4-Square", I am always shocked to see the miserable, amateur and self-defeating mish-mash that he calls "4-Square". It is always an unstructured "Salesman-Laydown" method of negotiation involving the use of the words, "How much?", coupled with the salesperson contradicting the customer's offer with trite, insulting and stupid attempts at bumps. I assure you that skillful "4-Square" negotiation is gentle, positive, respectful and totally non-confrontational! Not only that, it increases the gross on every deal and improves your closing ratio! That's the idea, isn't it?

    Putting a copy of "THE DEAL" into each salesperson's and manager's hands is the next best thing to having me there in person to teach the "MAGIC IN THE BOX" workshop. It sells for only $20. per copy. Such a deal!